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Word -> PDF yields problems with hyperlinks - help!

I've just run into a problem converting a Word doc to an Acrobat PDF.

The trouble is with several email addresses that appear in the text of the letter. The text reads (roughly)
For more information, contact Jane Doe (jane.doe@company.com or 510-555-1212).
When I convert the letter to PDF this gets turned into a hyperlink pointing to
The problem happens regardless of conversion method (Method A: File -> Print -> choose Adobe PDF as destination printer; Method B: Adobe PDF menu -> Convert to Adobe PDF). I unchecked the "add links to Adobe PDF" in the Conversion Settings box, but that didn't help. And the Link tool in Acrobat doesn't recognize that there's a link present and so doesn't allow it to be edited or deleted.

Technical details: Word 2003, Acrobat Professional 8, running on Windows XP Pro.

Help! How can I make it NOT concatenate the excess text into the mailto: like it keeps doing?

Edited 4/22 with more info:
This happens regardless of whether — or how — there's a hyperlink coded in the original Word doc. They were originally just plain text, not hyperlinks (which is why I was surprised that the conversion process added the links).

When I realized that wasn't working, I edited the Word doc and added a link to the email address text only — so it would look about like so:
For more information, contact Jane Doe (jane.doe@company.com or 510-555-1212).
This seemed to have zero effect — it still yielded
I'd rather not have them as links in the PDF at all, if possible. Surely there must be a way to turn this off. The Acrobat help file was... not very helpful.
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