Oy Gay!, The Life and Times of a Fagele Cantor (m3rkvry) wrote in admin_prof,
Oy Gay!, The Life and Times of a Fagele Cantor

Subdiving PowerPoint

Hi folks! I just started a new job about two weeks ago (yes, it's true, some people are still hiring), and this company is IN LOVE with PowerPoint. Now my Office experience is pretty broad, and I certainly know my PowerPoint, but they seem to do everything in slides. So I've had to give myself a crash course.

One thing I can't seem to figure out how to do: subdivide a Powerpoint. It would be really helpful if I could divide an entire presentation into sections, like Chapters in Word, so that I could work on them individually, extract them, move them around, etc. Does PowerPoint have a method of grouping slides like this?

Thanks in advance for your advice!
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