Oy Gay!, The Life and Times of a Fagele Cantor (m3rkvry) wrote in admin_prof,
Oy Gay!, The Life and Times of a Fagele Cantor

Old Templates: "Ahm in yer companee emalz, ruinin yer repz"

Good morning folks,

My company has a serious institutional problem. We use PowerPoint religiously, and our Operations team has made a point of keeping our slides up-to-date and error-free. Unfortunately, most people aren't in the habit of using those slides - they're in the habit of looking through their old emails, finding an old PowerPoint presentation from two years ago, and using it as a starting template. This is causing hideous problems, not just in obvious spelling and grammar errors and inconsistencies but in the potential for flat-out mistakes; e.g. suggesting we have clients that are no longer clients. It's clearly a problem, but no one outside our team and the highest leadership seems to care enough to stop doing it.

Have you dealt with this problem? Did you find a solution? Would you lean toward a social solution (finding a way to change the behavior) or a technological one (causing documents to expire, or something like that)?
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