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Signature Block in Replies in Outlook 2007

Learned a cool trick today that I want to share. This is how you get your email signature block to appear in replies in Outlook 2007:

  • Go to Tools
  • Options
  • Mail Format tab at the top
  • Signatures button in the middle
  • In the Signatures window, look in the upper-right corner, and you'll see the dropdown menu where you can select which signature to add to all your replies

Additionally, I learned another cool trick. This one is helpful if you often send emails on behalf of your boss or others, and keep their signature block stored in your email. If you want to use a special signature block for one particular email, do this:

  • Open a new email
  • (Erase your existing signature block if necessary.)
  • Insert
  • Click on Signature under the Include menu
  • Choose one of your saved signatures (your boss', and so forth) from the dropdown menu

This latter choice might also be a "cheater" way to easily apply something of an email template if you send the same message often. For example, I send out a lot of emails that conclude with the same couple of lines of instruction at the end, and formal closure. This Insert Signature option is an easy and quick way for me to effectively make a poor man's macro out of the standard language I need.

Hope that's helpful to some of you!

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