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admin_prof's Journal

Administrative Professionals
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This is a friendly, open community intended as a resource for administrative professionals (administrative assistants, secretaries, legal secretaries, word processors, receptionists, etc.) to talk shop. Post questions, share tips, talk about software, procedure, protocol, share what might help others with similar jobs, or ask questions of your peers to help yourself.

This community is not intended as a forum for venting, ranting, raving, and so forth. Please take a look at admin_hell, frontdesk_drama, workangst, or customers_suck for some excellent satisfaction in those areas! :)

For really advanced issues in Microsoft Excel, including VBA programming, truly arcane formulas, and things beyond the normal ken of administrative support, please check out excel_fandom.

Please be courteous in your posts here. Please keep posts on-topic, use LJ Cut liberally, and absolutely keep your posts & pics safe for office viewing. Although job search assistance is not a goal of this community, certain questions about your resume, interview tips, or brief job advertisements may be helpful to the community at large, and therefore appropriate -- but, please, let's not push it. Advertisements in general are really not on-topic here - We welcome resource recommendations for websites of similar interest, but please do not abuse community patience. Continued requests for contribution to your website/office blog/published articles/recruiting efforts from this community will result in action from the moderator. Please don't go there. The community at large appreciates your cooperation.

Suggestions welcomed!