Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote in admin_prof,
Spotty Logic

Someday, I will come here without a problem...

I really don't want this to be my MS Office support community, but y'all are so good at it :(

So...Office Publisher 2007. Somehow, my copy has gotten it into its tiny little wee brain that it will only print in black and white. I've checked through the print preferences and can't find anything. Worse, it will only print in Black OR White, and it's very keen to print in black. So, since I'm working on designing a postcard with blue text on a black background, means it won't print anything except a large, unsexy black rectangle :(

Not only will it not print in color--the print preview is black rectangles, and the export to PDF is black rectangles.

Since the majority of the time I'm printing in BW or greyscale, I'm sure I've clicked some toggle somewhere. I'd appreciate any help that can be given me :(
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